Healthy Hormones

Progesterone – Natural vs. Synthetic

Excerpted from What Your Doctor May Not Tell You
John R. Lee, MD Warner Books, 1996

Functions of NATURAL PROGESTERONE (real):

  • Protects against ovarian cancer
  • Protects against endometrial cancer
  • Protects against breast cancer
  • Causes less hirsuitis, regrowth of scalp hair
  • Improves lipid profile
  • Improves vitro fertilization
  • Improves new bone formation
  • Decreases risk of coronary vasospasm
  • Facilitates thyroid hormone action
  • Usually effective in treating PMS
  • Is essential for successful pregnancy
  • Is essential for myelinization of nerves
  • Restores normal sleep patterns
  • Is precursor of other steroid hormones
  • Is essential for male prostate health as well

Effects of synthetic PROGESTIN (Provera):

  • Increases sodium and water in body cells
  • Causes loss of mineral electrolytes from cells
  • Causes intracellular edema
  • Causes depression
  • Increases birth defects risks
  • Causes facial hirsutism, loss of scalp hair
  • Cause thrombophlebitis, embolism risk
  • Decreases glucose tolerance
  • Causes allergic reactions
  • Increases risk for cholestaic jaundice
  • Causes acne, skin rashes
  • Increases risk of coronary vasospasm
  • Prevents implantation of fertilized ovum
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