Healthy Hormones


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause 

by John R. Lee M.D.
The definitive best seller on the subject of women’s hormonal health and balance. With a penetrating eye for truth and a courageous disregard for self-interest, physician John Lee makes clear sense out of the confusing area of women’s hormone therapy.


Hormone Heresy

by Sherrill Sellman

What Women MUST Know About Their Hormones – Challenges the medical paradigm that menopause is a process of female decomposition. This book sets the record straight- Menopause is the second chapter of a women’s growth which sustains her second half of life.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause

by John R. Lee M.D.

If you’re too young for menopause but are experiencing unexplained weight gain… fatigue… mood swings… loss of sex drive… fibroids… tender or lumpy breasts… endometriosis… PMS …infertility … memory loss … migraine …very heavy or light periods … cold hands and feet … or a combination of these symptoms this newest book by Harvard physician Dr. John R. Lee is a must read!

You may have been told “It’s nothing to be worried about”… “It’s common today…” and offered surgery, antidepressants or prescription hormones. But the startling truth is that you may be suffering from premenopause syndrome – and there are simple, safe solutions. In this book Dr. Lee now addresses younger women’s concerns. He forthrightly answers all your questions about natural progesterone and a revolutionary nonprescription “Balance Program” to restore your gynecological health, energy and sex life – and even slow the aging process before menopause and beyond.”

“Packed with sensible solutions that work and cutting-edge revelations on women’s health … and indispensable guide.” — Earl Mindell R.PH, Ph.D and author of THE VITAMIN BIBLE.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer

by John R. Lee M.D.
A “Must Read” book whether you’re presently healthy or under a doctor’s care. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer exposes the myths, deceits and lies of the “Breast Cancer industry” with an outpouring of facts, thought-provoking background and pharmaceutical hypocrisies. With this explosive book, you’ll be prepared with truthful and shocking revelations of what you must know to stay healthy.


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