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ProgestaPlus™ Comparison

Reasons To Use Natural Progesterone
Refer to the Table below for a comparison of how ProgestaPlus™ measures up to the competition.




Natural Progesterone – Remedies menopause and PMS symptoms

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Contains 480 mg per ounce of pure USP natural progesterone derived from wild yam root.

Competition – Yam cream is not progesterone. Read the label, progesterone must be clearly listed.

Natural Progesterone – Safe alternative to prescription drugs and Synthetic Hormonal Replacement Therapy

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Only pure natural progesterone is used. No adverse side effects. Safer than Provera and Premarin (see Physician’s Desk Reference)

Competition – DHEA, Diosgenin, yam cream and precursors are not converted by the human body into progesterone and are not effective.

Natural Progesterone – Builds new bone reverses Osteoporosis

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Builds new bone mass and density, regardless of a women’s age. Peak bone mass occurs in mid 30’s. Significant bone loss occurs 10-15 years before menopause when estrogen levels are normal.

Competition – Only pure natural progesterone in proper concentration and dosage will work.

Natural Progesterone – Protects against fibrocystic breast tumors, hot flashes migraines and more

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Natural progesterone balances estrogenic dominance in foods, industrialized environments, petrochemicals pollutants and aging factors.

Competition – Only if natural progesterone is blended into a skin cream formula easily and effectively absorbed.

Natural Progesterone – Guaranteed freshness

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Exclusive airtight container assures potency prevents oxidation. Two year minimum shelf life.

Competition – Jars are open to the atmosphere and lack hygienics

Natural Progesterone – Sealed pump dispenser and correct daily dosage

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Sealed pump dispenser assures correct dosage of 20mg natural progesterone per day as recommended by John Lee, MD.*

Competition – Jars and tubes have you guessing as to dosage amount, critically important for benefits and effectiveness.

Natural Progesterone – FDA registered facility

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Produced in our laboratory.

Competition – Marketing companies often contract lowest cost producers that are not FDA facilities.

Natural Progesterone – Dr. Lee approved formula

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Endorsed and approved.

Competition – Some are, ask.

Natural Progesterone – Quality ingredients from natural sources

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. Aloe, Primrose, Vitamin E, Red Clover, Liposomes, Rosemary oil, Shea butter, Siberian ginseng.

Competition – Often use petroleum jells, lanolin, vegetable oils fillers etc. Read label carefully

Natural Progesterone – Better Value: 3 oz pump dispenser verses 2 oz jars and tubes.

ProgestaPlus™ – YES. $34.95 retail costs only $11.65 per oz. You get sixty ‘pumps’ of cream in each container, 20 mg per pump of pure natural USP progesterone.

Competition – 2 oz jars and tubes (with progesterone) costs more per ounce and lower concentration means more must be used for proper dosage.


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