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Dr. Oz and Dr. Chistiane Northrup report on new research showing a potential link between estrogen levels and cancer. See the ways women can maintain healthy hormone levels. Why natural, bio-identical progesterone is the best choice for women!
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Oprah Praises BioIdentical Hormones

by Jeffrey Dach MD

First Suzanne Somers, and now Oprah Winfrey is singing praises for bioidentical hormones for menopause. For two years, Oprah suffered from menopausal symptoms and a low thyroid condition. She wasn’t herself, and doctors had no answers. Three days after starting bioidentical hormones, her menopausal problems were gone and she was singing praises. Now, Oprah is bringing her experience into the national consciousness with her Jan. 15, 2009 television show which highlighted bioidentical hormones. Read More

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