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Aarissé Health Care Products* is committed to the life sustaining qualities of natural, healthful nutrients and supplements, derived in whole from Mother Nature, not Modern Labs. Its founders have many years of experience in the food and pharmaceutical processing and packing industry. They know, respect, and hold dear the ideals that only good, wholesome, natural herbs, natural foods, and natural ingredients bring about health and personal well being. is dedicated to bringing you good health…Naturally.

Healthy Hormones
Aarissé Health Care Products is the maker of Joint Medic, ProgestaPlus™, and Prosta-Health™ Hormone Creams.

Joint Medic

Joint Medic – If you suffer from muscle soreness, joint pain, achy joints or muscle and joint issues associated with inflammation… give this product a try. We are so sure that you will get soothing relief, we will refund your money if you are not satisfied. What’s the “Joint Medic” difference? We don’t rely on harsh ingredients that temporarily “shock” nerves into thinking you don’t have pain. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients that have shown over centuries they work. Think about something as basic as aspirin … Did you know that acetylsalicylic acid is a substance that is found in many salicylate rich plants … like the willow tree? As long ago as 400 BC the use of this substance was known to treat fever and headaches. Thankfully you don’t have to chew on the bark of a willow tree any more to get relief! Just gently massage Joint Medic into your achy joints or sore muscles, and you will feel soothing relief! Joint Medic has over 18 natural ingredients that have over centuries of use individually shown to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and provide soothing relief to achy muscles and joints. Do yourself a favor and try this product … the only thing you have to lose is pain and discomfort!

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ProgestaPlus was created in an FDA laboratory in the US according to strict USP standards. Since 1996, thousands of women have discovered the benefits of Progesta Plus™.

At Aarissé, we know that mature, intelligent women face complex choices. Many of you will choose to avoid the side effects and increased cancer risks associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Yet you want the benefits of vibrant health and energy. Aarissé Health Care Products is committed to helping women like you make the best choices at all stages of life. You do have a choice!

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Prosta-Health™ for Men is a natural progesterone cream. Recent clinical research has suggested that natural progesterone can counteract the toxic effects of estrogen dominance. Two noted progesterone researchers, Dr. B. Formby and TS.Wiley, recently published the results of their medical research explaining the important role of natural progesterone in promoting good health and well being for men. Research also shows natural progesterone increases apoptosis – referred to as “the key to staying young.”

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