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Read what women are saying about ProgestaPlus!

Cheryl Z.
United Kingdom

Thank you very much for being so considerate, I have now received the parcel. I love your product [ProgestaPlus] and only purchased so many at one time as I told my friends about it and ordered one each for them to try. Another friend already buys from you from my recommendation. I anticipate your getting a lot more business through this package, especially as I can now say that not only is your product brilliant, but that you are a caring, considerate company. Once again thank you.

Trudy S.

Progesta Plus has changed my life, my extreme menopause symptoms are gone and my health is improving every day. I have had hormone imbalance for quite some time and this is a great start for me to get the quality of life back. So glad that I did not turn to HRT as my doctor was prescribing.

Natasha F.

I love this product [PROGESTAPLUS]; it has changed my life since my hysterectomy. I am 39 years of age and 2 years ago had surgery. After starting your product last month I feel like a human being again. I thought that I just had to get used to being sad day after day. Didn't think the sun would ever shine again but it has thanks to your product.

Carol B.
Mt Bethel, PA

When I first became menopausal, I had a miserable experience taking PremPro. After three weeks on the medication, I had my period again for the first time in over a year. I also had a crying jag that lasted about six hours. I called my doctor, stopped taking the hormone replacement immediately, and began with ProgestaPlus. ProgestaPlus is wonderful! My hot flashes are greatly reduced... My skin is soft and supple... and there are no mood swing episodes... I recommend ProgestaPlus to all my menopausal friends!

Kathy G.
Minneapolis, MN

My interest in ProgestaPlus started at a Health and Wellness expo in Minneapolis, where I was privileged to meet and hear Sherrill Sellman speak. Sherrill is the author of Hormone Heresy, a must read book for any woman approaching menopause. I had been on Premarin for 22 years, after a complete hysterectomy was performed on me when I was 30. Not until I heard Sherrill did I realize many of my major medical problems were caused by the drug Premarin. Examples of what I have suffered through as possible side affects of Premarin are, lumpectomy, gallbladder exploding, severe depression, hypothyroid, and weight gain being impossible to lose. Not only was I poisoning my body with Premarin, but I developed other problems that required MORE drugs which just added to my problems.

I have been on ProgestaPlus for 6 months now. I pulled myself off Premarin very slowly when I started using the cream, using one dose in the evening. This worked for a couple of months, then I needed to increase my dosage to twice a day. I am not the "typical" case, since I am pulling myself off of a total of eight prescription drugs and going through major detoxing. Yes, I still have a hot flash every now and then, which I never experienced when on Premarin, but I've rid myself of the toxic drugs and their side affects and I am getting healthier the natural way. By the way, I've lost 20 pounds and 19 inches since I've been off Premarin, which tends to keep the weight on.

I love ProgestaPlus' unique dispenser which makes for easy application, and keeping the cream pure until use. Try it. You have everything to gain.

Kathleen Leonards

I use ProgestaPlus and think it is a great product. I know that as we get older our body does produce estrogen but does not produce Progesterone. Dr. Lee's work points to a need for natural progesterone to keep our bones healthy and strong. ProgestaPlus is a great product. The liposomes give you better skin absorption and because it is in an airtight container there is no need for harsh preservatives. As Sherrill Sellman states in her book Hormone Heresy, "As women learn that they can control their hormonal balances naturally, they seek the power and purity of natural Progesterone."

Kate S.
Boston, MA

I started using ProgestaPlus three months ago. Since I am rather petite anyway, I was especially concerned about preventing bone loss, but I didn't want to go the HRT route. The first thing I noticed about ProgestaPlus was that it is the best skin cream I have ever tried. I use it on my face every day. My skin is soft and any wrinkles have almost disappeared. I didn't notice anything else the first week. The second week, I began to experience some symptoms that I didn't like -- headache and breast tenderness. I kept using the cream and by the third week, those symptoms had disappeared and I began to feel better than I had felt in a long time. I'm happy to say this has persisted. I now feel more energetic and clear-headed than before. In addition, crampy symptoms that I had associated with ovarian cysts, which I had been getting fairly regularly over the past several years, have completely disappeared. I am now looking forward to a bone scan and an ultrasound to check for any cysts. Thank you so much for ProgestaPlus!

Marlene Levine
Doylestown, PA

Wanted you to know that my chiropractor gave me this product. I have suffered from migraine headaches for years. She made me stop the estrogen and start this. I have been migraine free for 7 weeks. Thanks!!!!!

Sharon Kurt

I just started using ProgestaPlus last Thursday, 3/14/2002 and already see results in night sweats and flashes. I am very happy with this product. I am 51 years old.


I just want to let you know how delighted I am that my new supply of ProgestaPlus arrived here in London this morning - that's on May 2, after I put in my order online on April 28. Beats the internal UK postal service! Also, that for some reason I had given up using your product (some unknown fear about the unknown) over a year ago, and turned instead to buying Yam tablets, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Agnus Castis (you name it, I tried it) tablets from health food stores. It just didn't occur to me until recently that the reason I was now suffering night sweats might be that these tablets together, alone, or whatever, were doing nothing for me. So I started using ProgestaPlus again - noting that its due date was about up. Can you believe it worked instantly - no night sweats since then. So I was really nervous that my order for the brand new one might take time to arrive. I kissed the package this morning!

Thanks so much.


While I was in New York recently, I purchased a bottle of ProgestaPlus via a friend who used this product produced by your company.  I am now 50 years old and have been suffering from menopausal symptoms (just confirmed by my doctor).  Since using ProgestaPlus, I have noticed a big change--an overall better feeling with more energy--hence I am very excited about this and wishes to have a continuous supply.

Pauline R.
Oakland, NJ

I am a 54 year old and have always considered myself health conscious and aware. I exercise regularly, am conscientious about diet and buy organic whenever possible. I recently did a bone scan which showed I had considerable bone loss; I was also experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, vertigo, accelerated heart rate, extreme fatigue and an increase in headaches. I was considering ERT for the bone loss but nervous about it because I suffer from migraine headaches and fibrocystic breasts. Even my fairly traditional M.D. thought it might not be the best avenue. A Chinese herbalist suggested the ProgestaPlus. The truth is she has been trying to get me on the Progesterone cream for years (she saw my mother's deterioration from osteoporosis) and I... well, sort of ignored her. I really thought it was a load of hog wash. Otherwise, why wouldn't every woman in the country be on it? Anyway, driven by the horrible bone scan, the debilitating symptoms I had and the fear of HRT, I decided to give the cream a chance. I used it for a month and found an alleviation of all my symptoms. I then ran into a rather lengthy period and spotting for a couple of weeks after It ended but that gradually ended too. But I found I was sleeping at night for the first time in months, I had energy again and no headaches or flashes. I felt great. Unfortunately it didn't last because I had a nasty bout of what I still believe was Thyroiditis; a condition with multiple unpleasant symptoms that I experienced several years ago. The blood tests were inconclusive but thanks to HMOs, I never did make it to an endocrinologist or have a Thyroid scan, which was what confirmed the condition the last time. This condition just takes its time, nothing much to do about it and now after a few weeks it seems to have departed.

I took some days off the cream recently and just started back on and am hoping to get back to where I felt before that unpleasant interruption. . . .

West Orange, NJ

I've been using ProgestaPlus for a long time and have been very pleased with the product. It is very smooth and blends into my skin easily. I had been on the HRT regime for over 12 years, and had serious concerns about its long time effects. I followed Dr. John Lee's directions in going off the daily pills,and then I started having hot flashes which were very uncomfortable. I decided to use a natural progesterone cream to see if the symptoms would go away. After using ProgestaPlus for two weeks, I no longer had hot flashes. I am also sleeping better and my skin is soft and smooth. I have highly recommended it to my friends.

Valorie Machin

I bought your ProgestaPlus to try 2X/day for the first month to see how it improves my various symptoms (you thought progesterone deficient plus possibly estrogen-dominant). I am letting you know I feel LOADS better. I'm sleeping very well, fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep LESS and feel awake in the morning, MUCH calmer, more even-tempered, less easily riled, can concentrate much better and be distracted much less. This is a very big deal for me! I'm letting you know "you were right" (which seems pretty important to you :) and that as soon as I have the $$$ I will be placing another order with you.

Cherry Marrone

I have been using ProgestaPlus for about two weeks now and I do believe it is heaven sent! My hot flashes have diminished to almost nil. In fact today I didn't have a single one!!! I feel so much better, just all over, a wonderful feeling of being myself. I have more energy - I just feel good. I will stay with ProgestaPlus the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making this available. I have tried so many things - prescriptions from my doctor, what ever I could find at the health food and vitamin store -nothing has helped me like ProgestaPlus. Hormone replacement was a nightmare and I opted to stop taking them because of what they were doing tome and the health risks involved. My doctor suggested some herbs and vitamins but they did nothing. Your product has made my life wonderfully enjoyable again (and this is after 2 weeks!). Thank you, thank you!!

Ralph Duncan, Jr.
Pryor, OK

I would like to add my endorsement to ArthritiCare to what I am sure is a growing list of satisfied users of this remarkable cream. I was told by more than one doctor that the only relief to my shoulder were shots into the joint.  This was not an option to or for me. Your cream has made movement non-painful again. Thank you.

M. Clark

Hi, my name is M. Clark I recieved the "ARTHRITICARE" 8/7/2002 it is a remarkable product, as soon as I got the product on, in seconds I felt releif from my pains and stiffness in my joints. Thanks God to whoever he gave this decovery to, I have bought all kinds of arthitis creams with no relief, please do not take nothing out of this product, I been waiting a long time for this. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I have rheumatoid arthritis and its no joke looking for some product to work, I have been let down alot with products that don't work; I thank God that I ran into your web-site this past Sunday.

Michelle Forte


My name is Michelle Forte and I want you to know that I absolutely love the ProgestaPlus creme because it works!

I sleep deeper, my cycles are becoming more regular with a marked decline in PMS (my husband thanks you for that!) and I'm convinced it has lowered my borderline high blood pressure. Thanks!